Anjuli Bhargava|Business Standard|March 22, 2021

The upcoming Plaksha University reimagines engineering education and prepares students for a digitally powered future

More than five decades after the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was set up in Kharagpur, the IITs still churn out mostly the traditional kinds of engineers — mechanical…

By Vinay Kamath|Hindu BusinessLine on Campus|23 Sep 2021

Every year, 1.3 million engineers graduate in the country from various engineering colleges around the country. Vineet Gupta believes that at least 70 per cent if not more are unemployable because of the way the subject is taught and also because industry…

By Susovan Mahapatra, Office of Admissions and Outreach

Building a world-class University is a mammoth task. Especially when the goal is to reimagine technology education in a country like India, where the Holy Grail of engineering is traversed by the majority of high school students with science stream. Plaksha’s campus is going to be the physical embodiment of…


Creating Tech Leaders from India for the world

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